Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello, My Name is Will, How May I Serve You?

Before you ask, I'm not a waiter.  I'm not a greeter at Wal-Mart.  I'm a citizen of the United States and I've just been told that my government owns me.  They own the right to my work and my wages.  They can force me to buy anything they say to buy.  All they have to do is pretend that it's a Tax.  When my choices impact the cost of health care, I will be forced to make choices approved by my masters.

I am a slave.  You are a slave.  Extreme?  Try not to buy Health Insurance.

When the next "tax" in mandate's clothing comes down, try not to do that.

You can be a slave and live a life of luxury, but if someone has the power to send you into the fields to pick cotton, then you're a slave.  And make no mistake, this decision by Justice Roberts does exactly that.  He says that if the Government orders us to pick cotton or pay a penalty, that is within Congress' Constitutional authority to tax.  If you don't go pick cotton, you are forced to pay a tax.  If you refuse to pay the tax, they can seize your property.  If you resist, they can jail you.  If you resist jail they can and will kill you.

You are a slave.  I am a slave.

Ok.  Moment of self pity over.  Where do I sign up for the Revolution?

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