Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tyranny Is Often Met With Applause

Over the past few months, president obama has time and again used the tag/applause line We Can't Wait.  What this means is that the country needs help that only the government can provide (a fallacy) and the Republicans in Congress are obstructing this, therefore, he must do what he can to bypass Congress ie, rule by executive decree. 

This week he has decided that despite the Senate's refusal to approve his appointment of his head for the Consumer Finance Protection Board (a misleading name for this Soviet-style Bureau) he will force the appointment by a process known as Recess Appointments.  This is a process created in the last 50 years for Presidents too uncompromising to nominate candidates who can achieve bi-partisan support.  While this process did not receive Constitutional Scrutiny from the Supreme Court (as it should have) it has become legal by default, for lack of challenge and as "accepted practice." 

The problem with this week's action is simply this.  The Senate is not recessed.  Essentially, Obama is installing his man in his post and daring the Senate to do something about it.  Turning an approval process into a "do something to stop me" process. 

I hope and pray that someone does just that.  This president did not start this fire of unconstitutional rule, but he has added jet fuel to the fires of tyrrany.  Meanwhile, as he announced his plans to bypass Congress, to bypass Constitutional requirements and the Separation of Powers, the audience cheered.

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