Friday, December 2, 2011

Return to Entitlement Island - The Horror Story Continues

So, we've discussed the Entitlement Society in a variety of ways and I dedicated an entire chapter of my eBook (available on to the subject.  Today we revisit it, well, because it needs to be discussed.

This YouTube video was featured on the yesterday and went viral on facebook and other social media earlier in the week.  I would suggest you watch it for yourself, but it can be upsetting.   So, I will summarize.  It's a series of news stories chronicling the life of a young woman with 15 children, 12 of whom are minors and live with her in a 2 room hotel which she was given at no charge.  During her time being interviewed by reporters from a local televisions statement she repeatedly asks who is going to be responsible for this.  "Who," she asks, "is going to pay for my children?"  Well, apparently everyone but you, ma'am.  Which is probably exactly what she wanted to hear. 

This expectation of hers did not arise in a vacuum.  She didn't just wake up with her 15th child and say "I think someone else should be responsible for caring for these creatures that I brought onto this Earth."  No, instead this was learned behavior.  She may have learned it from her family or friends.  She may have learned it in school where her peers were passed up in grade level and graduated without the ability to read at a 4th grade level.  She may have learned it from child protective services, who for years ignored the plight of her children.  She may have learned it from neighbors who shrugged and said, this is the government's responsibility.  She may have learned it from Wall St, who took enormous risks, made enormous amounts of money, then stuck their investors with the tab when the house started to fall down.  She may have even learned it from our government, who wouldn't let the banks fail. 

There are thousands of examples all around us of what creates the Entitlement Society.  Share some of your ideas in the comments below, "Like" my page on Facebook, and if you've had a chance to read my book, leave me a review on


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