Friday, December 2, 2011

The Choice Defined

Next November's Presidential Election could be a historic choice between a continuity of the current economic stagnation and attempts at false growth or a new direction based on building an economic foundation that while it might cycle, does not have the perilous booms and busts of the past 100 years.

Or, the election next November could be a choice between trimming a little bit around the edges even while the bloated behemoth of government expands or trimming around a different edge while the bloated behemoth of government expands. 

The real choice comes sooner than November.  The real choosing begins early next month in the the caucuses in Iowa and the primaries in New Hampshire.  Will we take steps to go in a bold new direction, rebuilding the solid foundation upon which this nation once stood or will we choose more of what brought us to this most recent crash?

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