Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You've Got It All Wrong!

So, today news that Congress is fast tracking a "recommitment" to our national Motto of "In [G-d] We Trust."  Well, that's just splendid.  Does it change anything?  Does it restore to us our G-d given rights, or if you prefer, our Natural Rights?  No.  On the other side of the aisle you have our president saying that G-d wants him to give people jobs or some nonsense.  Are any of them right? 

Views on what G-d wants, demands, or expects differ.  Think about it for yourself.  Would the G-d that gave us Free Will wish for either party to exercise dominion over us?  A Rabbi once asked his class, "what would be better than having the power to make the woman of your dreams fall madly in love with you?"  The answer was simple, "Her falling in love with you of her own accord." 

G-d gave us the power to choose, Government is about taking that power back.  If in fact "In G-d We Trust" is our national motto, then maybe we should exercise the restraint he has shown.  Allow us the decisions in our economic and social lives that both Republicans and Democrats would take away.  Allow us to love who we want, hire who we want, work where we want, marry who we want, buy what we want.  Some people would claim that this leads to anarchy.  I disagree.  Instead of chaos what you'll find is the spontaneous order that G-d knew would be there.    The spontaneous order that Adam Smith discussed.  The order that you see in nature and in a famous economics example, the order that you see spring up in a skating rink.  (google or bing skating rink economics - spontaneous order for more info, it's an interesting read)

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