Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gollum is Back at It

That's right, everyone's favorite Precious Loving Senator, John McCain has proposed an amendment to a Defense Spending Authorization Bill that would give the Military extraordinary powers to detain indefinitely American Citizens on a "battlefield."  Interestingly, his definition of battlefield could be applied to locations within the United States.  I've already had my say regarding our countries policies of assassinating criminals without trial just because they have the disadvantage of being on foreign soil in a nation willing to look the other way in exchange for a tank to terrorize its citizens.  Now we're facing the idea of codifying this practice in addition to potentially bringing it to the homeland. 

This is shameful.  McCain should probably have his head examined, and I encourage the people of his state to correct their most recent mistake and vote this man out at the next available opportunity.  I'm almost glad he lost the Presidential election in 2008.  The only thing worse than a McCain presidency right now would be...well...look around you.

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