Monday, October 24, 2011

We Can't Wait

So, the President says that we can't wait for Congress to act, so he's going to push some stuff through as executive order and have his cabinet push more reform through as regulation.  I do believe that the slippery slope just got a little more slick. 

It happens all the time.  A president says, "We can't wait for the free market to bring about this change, Congress must act."

The next president says "We can't wait for Congress to act and declare war, I'm going to send in the military under my inherent powers as 'Commander-in-Chief'"

Then a president says "We can't wait for a country to show itself as hostile, there are people there who say they dislike us, we're going to invade." 

Then the next president says "We can't wait for a jury to convict this American, we need to assasinate him now."

We Can't Wait may be Mr. obama's new slogan, but it's not a new concept.  President's have been using this excuse to expand their authority and weaken our Constitution since it was ratified.


  1. Let us go back to Civics 101... The President is the head of the Executive Branch. His role is to enforce the laws of this nation, not create them. Once again Mr. Obama could benefit from reading the Constitution. I'm sure they have a copy floating around Univ. of Chicago that he can borrow.

  2. You are correct in that the executive branch has extremely limited constitutional authority when it comes to rule-making, but I'm afraid that just reading the constitution would make no difference. In fact, I'm sure that Mr. obama read it during his time at Harvard. He may even understand it, but if it is never actually upheld by our courts or by our elected officials, he has no respect for it.

  3. "We can't wait?"

    If I might borrow a previous obama slogan for my response:

    "Yes we can!"