Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Am the .0000003125%

I usually cringe when people start discussing the founders, but they really did leave us with a pretty decent system. They left us with a semi-democracy wherein the majority was limited in what they could force on the minority. For instance, if a bare majority wanted to force everyone to eat Bologna, they couldn't do it.  This would also mean that a "majority" couldn't tell you what you had to pay people who worked for you or who you were allowed to see for medical testing or what drugs you were allowed to take.  They knew that this would require us to be vigilant and maintain those prohibitions. We didn't do that.

Over time we've stripped away those prohibitions. When a majority in this country wanted to ban alcohol...they had to go through a Constitutional Amendment to do it. In our present system, do you think they'd need one now?   No, they wouldn't.  It might get challenged, but if a Majority wanted it, Congress would try to do it through legislation.  How did this happen?  Incrementally, really.  Each step being more "necessary" and "for the good of everyone" than the last.  What arrogance to assume that the solutions we were mandating were good for everyone. 

Now, it's almost a free-for-all.  When the republicans were in control they pushed their agenda, which wasn't what they campaigned on.  Government grew, regulations grew, tax burdens grew.  Democrats are in control, same thing.  Even when they're compromising they're fighting to achieve the goals of the "majority."  Pollsters and politics dictate decisions and the ideals of liberty take a backseat.  The Tea Party sprung up and demanded less government, but was quickly absorbed and digested into the bloated body of the Republican Party.  The Republicans and Democrats, Tea Party and OWS, if any of them have the majority they do what they want. They take what they believe in and make it LAW.

They completely discount what 49% of the country values.  Why don't I support the OWS? Because they are 99% and want to tell me how to live my life, spend my money, raise my kids, care for my health, drive my car.

They are 99%? I am an individual. I own my life. I don't care if they do outnumber me.

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