Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey Ya'll, Still Not My Fault, Okay? Please?

Following up on his brilliant performance as a Petulant Child during the debt ceiling debacle, president obama returned to the microphone today to answer some scripted questions from his fans the press.

First, he wanted to make sure everyone understood that this still wasn't his fault.  I mean, things suck and they've gotten worse because of him and all, but come on guys.  You know it's not his fault. 

He also talked about the budding young socialists out chanting and banging drums around the country.  Many of them support him and some even support the use of force against those who disagree.

He also, rightly so, took credit (I call it blame) for shuffling billions of dollars in tax revenues to banks who made bad business decisions and supporting the federal reserve from printing unknown billions (possibly trillions) and "loaning" that money to them at 0.25% interest.  He did not get into details, but he may have also been taking "credit"(blame) for the fed printing even more billions in play money to buy toxic assets from the banks. 

Despite receiving record donations from Wall Street in 2008 and continue to solicit bribes campaign contributions from them in this election cycle, the useful idiots "occupying" wall street still look upon this man as one of them.  Wall St. and the Protestors each think he's got the other fooled. 

Fooled ya both.

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