Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Times...

The DOW Jones Industrial Average is up 300 points today.  Does this means good times are here again?  Did anybody notice that the drop of the dollar was almost the exact same percentage rise as stocks?  I know some will say the two are unconnected, but I don't buy it.  Dollar plummets in value, stocks (and everything else who's value is measured in dollars) will naturally rise. 

My 401(k) is happy right now, but will my bank account be the next time I buy groceries?  Bubbles create wealth only for those who are wealthy enough to ride the bubble and insulate themselves before it pops.  Bubbles hurt those without money.  We're in for more bubbles, but none of them will get us out of the crater we're already in.  It's time to go back to sound money, sound investment.

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