Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What is this fascination with compromise?  Why do you think that the middle ground between two competing ideas is any better than the original competing ideas?  Is the accomplishment of some unknown middle better than no action at all?  Most of the time, when it comes to our government, the answer to that last question is no.

What it boils down to is selfishness.  "You've got what I want in this compromise, it doesn't matter that the rest of it is going to hurt people."  People were screaming for compromise with the debt ceiling and compromise is what we got.  Is it a good thing?

Some other famous compromises include Chamberlain allowing Germany to annex Austria, the Mason-Dixon line, and Three Fifths Compromise. 

I will not settle for compromise.  I will constantly push to have liberty for every man and woman and child, not because I think that that will profit me or your most, but because I believe that libertarian values are not the most right or most fair, but are the only right and only fair way to live.  Compromise means that some of the most important decisions in my life will be made with options limited by the State.  I had to get the State's blessing to have a church wedding.  I'll have to follow state guidelines in the rearing and education of my children.  I am economically coerced by the state to follow certain retirement paths, to buy certain goods, to NOT buy other goods.  Who I can see and how I can treat myself medically is directed by the State.  By forcing me to purchase insurance I am forced to participate in a market that I might otherwise avoid and subsidize the cost of healthcare for everyone.

 "Men have been taught that it is a virtue to agree with others. But the creator is the man who disagrees. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to swim with the current. But the creator is the man who goes against the current. Men have been taught that it is a virtue to stand together. But the creator is the man who stands alone." - Ayn Rand

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