Friday, September 23, 2011

The Gaffes That Get Ignored

Not a month of the Bush Presidency went by without a segment on one of the networks' national news shows poking fun at this or that stumble-tongued blunder of our former President.  From mispronunciating (<--- intentional) the name of a visiting foreign dignitary to "irregardless" to his annoying pronunciation of NUCLEAR (he pronounced it NUCULAR) the man was constantly lampooned.

Our current president has been on a tear as well.  The self proclaimed "smartest guy in the room" has in just the last 2 weeks claimed that Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party and that the US Government built an Intercontinental Railroad.  Now, what I'm assuming he meant was the Transcontinental railroad.  Given that, I'm not sure that's a comparison he wants to bring up in the context of the US engaging in large infrastructure projects.  You see, the Transcontinental Railroad was completed by what amounts to imported slave labor from China.

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