Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who's Going to Get us Out of This Mess?

We are.  You and I will do it.  We, the workers, thinkers, innovators and doers of this nation will lift us up and carry us through these times of economic uncertainty.  Do not ask the government, do not expect any aid from that quarter.  Demand instead that they remove their impediments to innovation, remove the incentives for failure. 

In too much of our lives now we look to the Government to solve our problems.  Problem with schools, what is the Government doing to help?  Problem with crime?  What is the Government doing?  The more effective response to both of these is community action.  Schools with more parental involvement are many times more successful than schools with low parental involvement.  Areas that have a neighborhood watch, community involvement, and that participate in the "Night Out" program typically have much lower rates of crime. 

Our nation is riddled with examples of how we, the People of this nation, are better equipped than our Government to handle our problems for ourselves.  Social Security isn't enough to retire on, for many, it barely makes a dent in their retirement plans.  Anyone under 50 who anticipates Social Security being around for them is probably delusional.  Self-saving plans, 401(k), IRA, etc have become the mainstay of most retirement portfolios. 

Trial lawyers, while they have overshot their marks far too often (mainly due to government interference in loosening standards) are responsible for keeping more unsafe products, medicines, and foods out of the stream of American commerce than the FDA, USDA, and EPA combined. 

We are the answer.  As individuals, as families, as neighbors, as communities, as cities and states and this one nation, we the people are the answer. 

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