Thursday, August 18, 2011

Section 8 Gets Ridiculous

Talk about a disincentive to improve your life....

If you live in Columbia, MD, a rather affluent planned community about 30 miles outside of DC, and qualify for Section 8 housing, you can get a voucher up to $2600 per month.  I was hard pressed to find a rental unit in Columbia over this price, but did notice one come in before publication.   The ones you can find in the area are considerably luxurious, many with private club memberships, gated communities, covered parking.  So, let's say you're living in one of these communities and doing just enough to get by, but no more than Section 8 qualifications allow.  In order to maintain that lifestyle, you'd realistically have to get a job paying better than $125K per year.  That ten-fold increase in wage isn't likely, but a job at Walmart that doubles your current income level and disqualifies you from receiving the public benefit that has you living in luxurious surrounds.  Even a job that would pay $50,000 gross salary makes no sense.  When you pay no taxes on your $12,000 income, get a credit back for your children, pay less than $2500 per year for a condo that would otherwise cost you $35,000 per year.  After taxes that $50,000 gross salary would net you $38K if you're lucky. 

Hey, everyone knows hardwork and pride are for suckers. 


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