Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Problems With the Field

We'll start on the Republican Side.  (quick note:  I'm contemplating a full featured article on each candidate, outlining some of their stated positions and my thoughts on those in the near future)

Michelle Bachmann:  While I appreciate the swiftness in which she attached herself to the tea party, that admiration is more in the form of watching a leech attach itself to a thriving host.  Her too far right idealsin many respects turn me off.  She's also a flame thrower, misrepresents history, and is too opportunistic for my tastes.

Mitt Romney:  Another opportunist, Mitt seems to be whatever is popular at the moment.  He seems to be a genuinely nice guy, with good governance fundamentals.  His religion matters not a whit to me.  I could see myself voting for him, but I'm still at a loss as to what this guy stands for.  Where is he on the issues that are important.  For all of the speeches I've listened to him make, I haven't been able to isolate his stances.

Newt Gingrich:  Brilliant guy, but not at all charismatic and I'm afraid not electable.  After the devastating bluff he failed to pull on Clinton in '95 and his subsequent ethical issues, while he's probably the best qualified to actually lead, he's the least electable after Bachmann.

Ron Paul:  Dr. Paul's refusal to play the political games, his hardline insistence and strong libertarian stance are all huge pluses for me personally, but have caused the major media outlets, whether they be mainstream or allegedly fair and balanced to marginalize him.  He's virtually ignored.  When he year after year wins the CPAC poll, came in 2nd in the IA straw poll last week, and has a major grassroots following, yet is virtually ignored by all media, that's a problem.  While most of my readers probably know who Ron Paul is, the average American does not.  That's a problem.

Ricky Perry:  He's been branded an evangelical.  Fair or not, with the culturally sanctioned bigotry regularly directed to Southern Christians, that's a problem.  Some of the participants in his recently organized prayer meeting for the nation.  What someone does in their own lives, I don't care who they are, is not my concern.  He neither used Texas funds or Texas property in helping to promote the rally, but has been accused of trying to establish a Theocracy or set himself up as the first Ayatollah by allegedly even keeled, tolerant Americans. 

Mitch Daniels:  Sadlly, not running.  Would make an excellent VP candidate for a smart nominee.

Chris Christie:  Also not running.  Please, Mr. Governor.  Run.

Barack Obama:  What we thought was confidence 3 years ago has been revealed to be hubris of the worst sort.  The man named his dog (not a rescue as he promised in his campaign) his initials (BO, not Bho (too obvious)).  The man is rumored to be the smartest guy in the room, but you'd never know it by his actions (he has none, preferring to cede all responsibility and hopefully blame to others).  He refuses to make the important decisions, overuses hyperbole, talks down to you and to me and taxes the truth to an overwhelming degree.  See some of my past articles for expansion on those.  Finally, at the core of him, Mr. Obama's belief that I am responsible for the failures of my neighbor and my neighbor's neighbor and that the successful OWE something to those who are not, make him unfit to govern what should be the Freest nation on Earth.

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