Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Government or a Drug Pusher?

Cigarette companies used to give out free cigarettes to GI's in the field.  When those soldiers returned they were loyal customers for life.  Today they are condemned for these and other marketing ploys they used over the last 100 years.  A doctor in California was recently convicted after getting pain treatment patients hooked on pain killers in order to manipulate them into expensive nerve block treatments.  He literally turned people into addicts, then threatened to withhold new prescriptions for their pain killers if they didn't agree to undergo these expensive nerveblock shots.  They were painful, but cost the patients nothing.  Insurance companies paid the doctor $5,000 per shot. 

Our government does something similar.  You see, we have this pesky 10th Amendment that says, essentially, that on some issues the federal government can't tell the state's what to do.  Well, like the tobacco company, like the drug pusher, our government has found a way to control.  When the constitution doesn't allow direct manipulation of the states the feds have used Money as their drug.  Federal highway dollars are dangled and states race to change laws to meet the requirements of the Central Ruler.  Education money is dangled and states implement "No Child Makes It To the Top."  Unemployment money is dangled and states jump on the bandwagon. 

And, like a good dealer, the feds know how to keep them hooked.  When the states are a little short on a test score, the feds say, sure, you can still have the just can't do x or you also have to do y. 

You know, the Constitution also says the feds can't tell We the People what to do in certain things...could they be doing the same thing to us?  What do you think? 

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