Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nobody Panic!!!!!

Obama is going to start concentrating on jobs again!  All will be well.  I repeat, no need to panic.  His Majesty will be focusing on jobs again.  Like a laser this time. 

Wait, laser was the metaphor from the time after he was inaugurated, or maybe it was the time he focused really hard after the stimulus failed to stop the official unemployment statistic from hitting 10%.  I'm pretty sure he was focused on jobs after the Senate passed health care in December of 2009, then he got REALLY focused after the House passed it in early 2010. 

Seriously people.  We keep hearing this same song and dance from the guy.  When are you going to stop believing it?  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  The only jobs he's ever created have been government jobs.  Meanwhile, that ever-expanding government monstrosity keeps churning out new rules and regulations.  608 new Federal Rules issued last month.  That's 608 new reasons NOT to hire someone for your business.  608 reasons why you can't find a better job.  608 ways in which your freedoms were just taken away from you.

I pray that this correction is just a blip on what I hope is a stout recovery.  I'm sorry to say that I just don't believe that it is.  We're in for some tough times.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Help your neighbor, it's not the government's job anymore and it never should have been.

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