Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mission Ridiculous...

Why does it feel like amateur hour in the manner in which our nations military is being operated?  From published troop movements, to firm dates of withdrawal being set.  The unecessary wars that are being waged in Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Iraq (yes, still in Iraq) seem more and more like they're being conducted by some guy in the basement with a headset and an XBox controller. 

Special Ops are being over-used and we're losing some of our best because of it. 

First we hear that the recently killed SEALS were on a rescue mission of other commandos, now it appears that what they were really doing is going in to harry a retreating foe.  I don't condone armchair quarterbacking, but let's at least make sure the signal callers are more experienced than that pimply faced kid or our ivy league president.

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