Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Wealth Gap

News about the Census Data may not be as bad as it first was reported. 

You know, sometimes I wonder, do they actually read the reports before writing the shocking headlines?  Or is it just that you need to shock people in order to catch their interest.  "If I want someone to read my story, I better make it sound catastrophic."

So, all the headlines said that the "Wealth Gap" had spread between whites and minorities.  ummmmm....Duh.  Tell ya what.  I'm going to start with $10,000.  You start with $500.  In 10 years, let's see who can make that money grow more. 

The other side of the story is much more interesting.  The income gap is narrowing.  Even considering that unemployment for black males is considerably higher than white and hispanic males, the discrepancy in income between the groups is getting smaller.  Given opportunities in this country, however, shouldn't the gaps be narrowing faster?  Why?  Personally, I think you have to look at one of my favorite subject in these pages, the incentive. 

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