Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm just at a loss here....

I don't understand the mindset that thinks that giving people a disincentive to work, to advance themselves, and to do for themselves is preferable to one where all your basic needs are met without your lifting a damn finger.

When you're teaching a child to take those first steps on their own, you don't go and walk them along, you step away, turn around, and hold out your hands.  You encourage the child to take those first steps toward you on their own.  When your child learns to ride a bike without training wheels.  You may hold onto the bike at first, but then you let go and let them peddle on their own. 

And if your child falls down or falls off the bike, do you allow them to give up walking or bike riding for good?  No, you keep encouraging them. 

Why are we treating our nations poor any differently?  Why are we carrying them instead of encouraging them to walk?  When you provide luxury housing to the poor, but then take it away as they improve their lives, you encourage them to do nothing.  We should be encouraging those who perform, not carrying those who refuse to try.

Hopefully my writer's block is starting to fade, and I'll be getting more posted soon.  Until then...

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