Thursday, July 21, 2011

The American Dream...

I sometimes get accused of being just a little cynical.   About a lot of things, I am.

Honesty of elected officials - Cynic
Belief in the federal reserve system - Cynic
Belief that socialists on the left and evangelicals on the right are too involved in governance - Cynic.

One thing I do believe in though, is the spirit of the American People.  More specifically I believe in the American Dream.  I'm talking about the American Dream as my parents and my grandparents taught it to me, the Dream that's couched in hard work, and sweat and EARNING a living and BUILDING a better life for yourself and your children.  Surpassing your parents and preparing your kids to surpass you.  All of this is just as possible today as it was 30 years ago when I learned it, and 30 years before than when my mother was first learning it for the first time. 

As I've learned recently, this is not the American Dream that many people know.  Some consider the American Dream to be a spiritual quest.  Finding satisifaction, be it through material, spiritual, or a strong combination of the two is a noble idea and I think fits within my own meaning. 

Some Americans, however, think of the American Dream as what is their due, their right, what is given unto them.  These are the habitual bankrupts, the law suit seekers, the lifelong welfare recipients, those who gave up too soon or never bothered to try.  The abusers of the system fit this category in all levels of life.  From the corrupt police officer or politician, to the teacher who just shows up, these non-pursuers of the Dream have corrupted the ideals and spread their poison across the nation.  Sometimes I fear that our own Government is culpable in this spread.  Certainly the politicians who have fed it and fed off of it are.

The fire still burns.  Those who embrace hard work, who believe in the rewards of effort, both physical and mental, material and spiritual will sustain this nation.  We pump the lifeblood of commerce, we are the innovators of tomorrow, WE are the caretakers of our brothers.  The American Dream is not dead, I think we've just gotten confused about what it is and our responsibility to pursue it.


  1. Very well said. We promote what we permit. We need to be picky...

  2. We need to be more positive. Encourage people to do for themselves at every bend. It is sometimes neither charity nor a kindness to give to those who do not earn it. (note, i did not say deserve it)