Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Happens When You Support the Ends, but Not the Means?

I'm all for having more information.  I think the more information we have, in general, allows us to make better choices.  There are, of course, exceptions.  A series of PSA's in the 90's was titled "The More You Know..." and I think that the overall theme was good.  The more information you have on a subject, the better conclusions you can reach. 

But what am I talking about?  Does it matter?  As an example, take Health and Nutrition:

I think that everyone who sells and serves food should post the nutritional information about that food on their menus.  I think that the additional information will help us make better choices and I think that if enough people agreed with me and demanded it of the Market, the Market would provide it.  The people, however, have taken a different path.  They have chosen a different means to that agreed upon end.  Laws are so much easier to shift than markets it seems.  It's not OUR freedoms that are being abridged and we even benefit.  Now, if you oppose the means you must also oppose the ends. 

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  1. The typical progressive believes that if you don't want government to do something then you don't want it done.