Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Do We Allow This NONSENSE!?

Picture this scene.  You're taking your kids on vacation.  For your two youngest, ages 6 and 3, it's their first trip on an airplane.  As you proceed through security checkpoints, your children are pulled aside by a 30 something year old stranger with a disgruntled look.  This man then proceeds to feel up the legs and cup the butt of your children. 

Pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes and work for all types of organizations.  If you think they aren't in the TSA you're an idiot.  If you wouldn't stand for this type of conduct toward your own children, why are you willing to ignore it when it's someone else's kid that this happened to?  There are laws against inappropriate touching of a minor, it's time they were enforced.

If law enforcement doesn't step in, some angry parent will and then the wrong person will be going to jail.

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