Friday, May 6, 2011

Can't Buy Me Love

The Beatles sang about it.  Later, Dr. McDreamy as he's now known, acted it out on the big screen, and now, Pakistan has proven it. 

First, a show of hands.  How many people actually believe that the Pakistani's had no idea that Osama (Usama) bin Laden was living in a fortified compound right next to their equivalent of West Point?  Over the last 10 years we have dumped billions of dollars into Pakistan, billions of dollars we didn't have, billions of dollars we borrowed.  What has this money bought us?  NOTHING.  It bought us a few low level operatives, and a warm glow maybe, but in the grand scheme, when we wanted to get something done, we still had to do it ourselves. 

Our money!  Our tax dollars and the tax dollars of future generations of Americans paid for this "ally" to become more of a militarily run nation, assassinate one of the only voices of reform, and the harboring of our primary target in the War on Terror.  And you wonder why I have such disdain for government spending.  It's the height of stupidity to continue to give these people money.  We will.  Our government has the remarkable ability to self delude, to try to cover up mistakes with more mistakes, throwing more borrowed money at someone else's problem. 

We can't buy the love of the world.  First it doesn't work and second because we simply can't afford it.  Countries will gladly take our money, then spit in our eye.  It's like giving money to a beggar on the street and then finding out he's stolen your wallet.  In this case Pakistan is a bum we've been giving money to only to find out that he's broken into our car and stolen our radio. 

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