Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You'll Need the Ghost of Billy Mays to Sell This Load of Shit

Every few weeks it seems, marketers in our nation's capital identify trends important to the People.  And, just like corporate marketers, politicians try to put that trendy twist on the crap they're selling.  Lately, Americans seem to be interested in reducing government spending.  The much villified tea party gains a lot of credit for turning this once neglected idea into the hip and trendy concept of today.

Rep. Ryan of Wisconsin is selling a fully loaded 6 trillion dollars worth of spending reductions.  The Speaker of the House and the President recently got together and are trying to now pass a bill that while it appears to be a spending reduction is half spending reduction and half "money we didn't spend last year and weren't GOING to spend this year."

And today, we have our president, shovelling more bullshit.  The sales pitch that jumped the spending reduction shark perhaps?  Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you The Spending Reduction In the Tax Code.


Yes indeed.  Our tax code is responsible for spending about 77% of GDP annually, more than 3 times the rest of the federal government combined.  How?  By only taxing 23% of it.  That's right, the Spending Reduction in the Tax Code is simply a re-branded tax increase. 

Are you tired of being treated like an idiot, talked to like a simpleton, or just plain ignored? 

Me too.

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