Thursday, April 14, 2011

We're Awash in Budget Proposals (or How Many Football Analogies Can I Put in a Blog Post)

After neglecting to even propose a full year budget for 2011, Congress and the President are clamoring to present their brillian ideas for 2012.  First we had the 2 week late fumble by the White House.  Maybe fumble isn't the right metaphor.  What the president did instead was put the ball down on the fifty yard line and walk off the field.  Next came the hail mary pass by Budget Committee Chair, Paul Ryan.  A desperate pass, but it represents an honest effort.  As noted yesterday, the President came forward for another try.  This was akin to a pump fake followed by a kneel down.  The Congressional Progressive Caucus has joined the fray as well.  They have all climbed on the back of the most productive member of their team and are now insisting he carry them and the ball over the goal line. 

The progressive highlight reel begins with a near 50% tax rate for top earners.  That'll do wonders for small businesses.  Followed by a $300 billion reduction per year of defense spending.  All this extra money doesn't go to pay down deficits or pay off our national debt, instead it goes to adopting the single payer health care plan that was defeated in 2009, expanding bureaucracies, and of course, hiring more tax agents to track down half of your income.

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