Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Govern vs To Rule - Battle of the Verbs


Words Have Meaning!

When you're talking to your friends, as I know you often do, about the Government, state, local or federal, you probably don't often refer to them as our rulers.  Are they our Government or are they our rulers.  Just the visceral reaction in the pit of my stomach at the thought of having a ruler tells me that there is a distinction.  Webster doesn't see a lot of difference.  The definition of the two words are strikingly similar.  So, why don't we use them interchangeably when referencing our Rulers, errrr, Government.

Think about this:  What does government mean to you?  How do you want to be governed?  Do you want someone telling you how you HAVE to raise your kids, run your business, how much of your money you have to give to those less fortunate?  Or do you think, well, I'm going to do it right anyway, but someone should tell those other people how they have to act right?  What happens when the consensus turns against something you believe in?  What happens when they want to make YOU act right?  How much intrusion is too much? 

Sometimes you have to stand for Freedom even when you agree with the latest rule.

Do you too get that feeling in the pit of your stomach thinking about being "ruled?"  Here's what we have to do:

Stand up and get involved.  Get educated.  Look past the numbers you are given.  Trust reason before passion and right over need.  Be the best producer you can be, not for the sake of the looters, but for your own benefit. 

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