Friday, March 11, 2011

Collective Bargaining "Rights"

The constitution is being amended before our eyes. 

A dozen times in as many days I've heard of the ASSAULT on worker's constitutionally protected rights to bargain collectively.  I'm a bit lost, I don't recall that from my con law classes or from my readings of the constitution.  Could someone point this one out to me? 

I'm all for supporting your freedom to do as you choose.  If you choose to form an affiliation to bargain collectively with your employer.  Do it.  Go for it.  I support your freedom to do so.  When your boss fires you for doing it.  I support him or her too.

For now, let's get real about this subject.  The constitution does not guarantee any rights to bargain collectively without fear of recrimination from your employer.  In a constitutionally questionable manner, Congress has conveyed this ability to certain classes of workers. In doing so, they have limited the rights of free speech of business owners and the right to conduct their businesses in a profitable manner.  States have further damaged the constitutional rights by making it mandatory to join a union and pay dues to work in certain jobs. 

Let me just say this again, your freedom to unionize should not affect my freedom to stop doing business with you. 

Next week we'll talk about the false perception of safety we get from our government's interference with free enterprise.  Until then...

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