Friday, February 11, 2011

The Pursuit

Everybody loves a good chase scene.  The most exciting is when there's real doubt about the outcome.  When you watch a really good chase scene, you feel that bubbling excitement, the rush.  Did anyone ever doubt that the Duke Boys were going to get away and poor Roscoe P. Coltrane was going to wind up in the ditch?  Those of us watching it knew, but you could always see that little bit of worry.  They don't know the outcome, they're pushing for all their worth to get away. 

The Pursuit of Happiness is a lot like that chase scene.  The Pursuit, the ability to live, try, aim for the stars.  That's exciting stuff.  What about the outcome?  Is there doubt?  Will you be able to jump that river and leave Deputy Coltrane in the ditch?  If you know you can't fail, will you try as hard?  Will you push yourself?

This is where our world is heading.  The right to pursue happiness is slowly being replaced with an entitlement to happiness.  How many of us will really try when the outcome is already determined.  Just imagine, how exciting would that chase scene be if the Duke boys stopped, got out and lounged on the hood of their car, knowing Roscoe was just going to crash anyway. 


Join me for my next the government is going to make your parents love you just as much as mine loved me.

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