Thursday, February 10, 2011

Opening Thoughts...

Dear Reader:

I've resisted the temptation as long as I can.  The lure of getting my thoughts and opinions out there has become too great.  This blog will consist of some of my random thoughts, political observations, and the hopes I have that Freedom (that oft-overused-seldom-understood buzzword) will still be around for my children to enjoy.

So, a little about me....

I grew up in a small Southern town, the middle child of a single mother and a father who tried to stay active in my life from 100 miles away.  (more about that in a moment)  I grew up with my nose in a book or my attention riveted by a movie.  I was a computer nerd before computers were in every household (my 92 year old grandfather has a PC in his living room these days), I played Dungeons & Dragons with unsavory people, and went out drinking with friends on the weekends. 

I read every book I could lay hands on, from the latest in science fiction and fantasy to Machiavelli's Prince.

I grew up in a republican household, and I've stayed true to those roots, despite some misgivings.  I graduated from State U with a business degree and went to U State for a post-graduate degree in law.  Despite best efforts to turn me into a Progressive; the study of the law and the foundations of the law on which our country was built, combined with my business education and common sense, work-ethic driven upbringing made me what I am today:  A Moral Libertarian. 

What is a moral libertarian though?  Does that mean I believe that only those who share my morals should be free, or that we should all be free to have morals?  Not quite.

MORAL LIBERTARIANISM (my definition and not just the name of my blog)

The belief that all men are created equal, with all rights to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness.  These beliefs are strengthened by my own morality.  A moral libertarian does not seek to imprint his beliefs on others, but knows that everyone is entitled to their own belief system.  Freedom is absolute, but not chaotic.  Freedom is absolute, but not an individual's freedom.  My freedom and your freedom are not identical, they are the same. 


A Moral Libertarian's view of the government is that it is limited by the Constitution and limited further by the will of the People.  The government has no freedom and certainly no power to interfere with the freedoms of the People.  Ideally the role of the government would be like a referee at a chess match.  There to settle disputes, set the basic rules, and otherwise sitting on the sideline, unused and unnoticed. 

The government should never....(this is the longer list)
- Impose the morals of some on all
- Lift the interests of the few over the many
- Lift the interests of the many over the few
- Seek to perpetuate itself
- Expand its powers without the express will of the People

The government should...
- Mediate differences
- Protect the People from crimes
- Be the face of the People to the World


A libertarian is naturally a capitalist, but that word has been hijacked, strained, and stretched over the past 100 years to include those who would have once been considered Socialists.  A Capitalist is a Person who believes in the power of the individual to direct, manage, and secure their own Pursuit of Happiness.

These are just some broad brushes on topics I will hopefully expand further in the coming weeks, months, years.  Stay tuned for my next post, an expansion on my thoughts on a Capitalistic System and how we've confused with the right to Pursue Happiness with a right To Happiness.


  1. I look forward to additional comments.

  2. Well said, Will. I would only add that another legitimate role of government is to protect and defend the Constitution and our way of life against the enemies thereof. jmyb66

  3. This is true. But I think it is also a duty of the people to defend the same against the Government.